After an open call for participation the Local Support Group of the III District in Rome was formed and met up yesterday for the first time!

We would like to thank the nearly 50 people that attended the meeting and we are looking forward to meeting again next week on 17th June!

Thanks to all the support of the active inhabitants of the District we have now mapped many empty or underused buildings and areas.  For any further information please contact Daniela Patti (

TUTUR_LocalSupportGroup_Rome_10_06_2014_1 TUTUR_LocalSupportGroup_Rome_10_06_2014_2 TUTUR_LocalSupportGroup_Rome_10_06_2014_3 TUTUR_LocalSupportGroup_Rome_10_06_2014_4

Per ulteriori foto dell’evento rimandiamo alla galleria fotografica dell’Associazione S.T.A.F.I. Grazie!

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