During 9-11 December 2014, the TUTUR partnership came Alba Iulia to visit the local temporary uses within the project, to discuss on project internal matters and enjoy the Alba Carolina Citadel.

DSC05002 DSC05003 DSC05005 DSC05010 DSC05011 DSC05018 DSC05019 DSC05020 DSC05022 DSC05039 DSC05042 DSC05046 DSC05050 DSC05059 DSC05064 DSC05093 DSC05094 DSC05109 DSC05111 DSC05117 DSC05120 DSC05121 DSC05126 DSC05127 DSC05128 DSC05129 DSC05135 DSC05137 DSC05142 DSC05144 DSC05149 DSC05152 DSC05158 DSC05159 DSC05166 DSC05172 DSC05173 DSC05175 DSC05179 DSC05182 DSC05193 DSC05001


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