Vacancy management in Hemelingen

In cooperation with the district marketing Hemelingen the ZZZ – ZwischenZeitZentrale Bremen presented it’s work on the latest meeting of local entrepeneurs in Hemelingen. As the district marketing is going to strengthen the local economy, vacant properties became a stronger focus to support local entrepeneurs with spaces.

All together with this, the ZZZ – ZwischenZeitZentrale Bremen is offering temporary use of the vacant property as a step in the process of awaking former busy shopping streets in Hemelingen. The meeting was visited by around 40 business and property owners as well as representatives of civil and cultural organizations.

The ZZZ – ZwischenZeitZentrale Bremen presented its work in generell, its projects in Hemelingen (bay-WATCH and former meat factory Könecke) and the TUTUR project. Within the small talk following the official part of the meeting, there were serious questions about the projects as well as interest in spaces for temporary uses. Unluckily there were only a few property owners.

ZZZ at the local support group meeting in Hemelingen.
ZZZ at the local support group meeting in Hemelingen.

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